Destination B2

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Giới thiệu

Destination B2: Grammar and Vocabulary is the ideal grammar and vocabulary practice book for all students preparing to take any B2 level exam: e.g. Cambridge FCE.

Key features:

  • 28 units, with alternating grammar and vocabulary units
  • a well-researched grammatical and lexical syllabus base on the B2 (Vantage) level of the council of Europe's Common European Framework
  • clear, comprehensive grammar and vocabulary presentation tables
  • systematic practice of all grammar and vocabulary presented
  • a wide range of exercise types, including those found in FCE Use of English
  • a strong emphasis on revision and consolidation, with reviews and progress tests
  • a Reference Section including irregular present forms, irregular verbs, topic vocabulary, phrasal and collocations, word patterns, word formation and US/UK differences

The With Key edition includes the complete answer key and seven extra photocopiable revision tests.



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