Oxford advanced learner's dictionary 8th new

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Giới thiệu

Along with definitions and examples, OALD provides English learners other useful tools such as the Oxford 3000 Plus section which provides learners 3,000 basic words normally used at universities around the world, or Oxford Writing Tutor section which instructs learners to write different types of documents in English and help them develop ideas for their writing. 

The new English-English-Vietnamese OALD is translated from the OALD 8.0, the newest dictionary edition of Oxford Publishing House.

For the main part only, it took a team of more than 30 language experts led by Associate Professor Dr. Dinh Dien to translate it.

It was edited by Fulbright scholar Tran Manh Quang, and reviewed and introduced by Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep, head of the Institute of Linguistics.


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