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Giới thiệu

Wordfinder - a new approach to vocabulary learning

  • Wordfinder llows you to learn words together in meaningful groups. Its 630 keywords bring together words which are related by meaning and use. Follow up the suggestions in each keyword to explore further and add to your store of knowledge.
  • Look up a word you do know, and Wordfinder will give you the word you need. If you want to know what you call all the people who work on a boat, look up boat and Wordfinder will guide you to crew. Not only that - it puts you at the centre of a whole network of related words, shows you opposites and derived forms, and illustrates hundreds of items.
  • Wordfinder gathers together all the words you need to talk about a subject. It also shows you the structures that you need, gives thousands of examples of how words are used in context, and helps you avoid mistakes with notes highlighting areas of difficulty.
  • The topic areas in Wordfinder provide a framework for systematic vocabulary revision and expansion.

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