Oxford practice tests for the TOEIC test 1

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Giới thiệu

Oxford practice tests for the TOEIC test Volume 1 is a highly authentic, up-to-date set of four practice tests designed to familiarize and prepare students for the TOEIC test.

The without key version can be used effectively in the classroom and comes with a choice of cassettes or CDs.

The with key version, which provides explanations in the key as to why answers are right or wrong, is available separately or as a sefl-study pack with 3 CDs.

Key features:

  • Up-to-date format and directions providing realistic exam practice
  • Answer sheets provided for each test simulating exam procedure
  • With key version includes explanatory key, tapescripts and an estimated conversion chart that allows fro interpreting an approximate score
  • Two volumes of tests available to extend exam preparation time


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